Setting up Arbiter Pay (RefPay)

[Thanks to Travis Fisher here for these instructions]

Please try to follow this and if you have any trouble do not hesitate to contact me:
1.    Follow the instructions on the attached Arbiter Pay Pamphlet to setup your RefPay account this will be linked with your arbiter account it is separate.
NOTE:  The only way to not get charged is to manually transfer the funds.  If Arbiter does it for them, it is $1.50 each time.  A paper check costs $8.50 and the debit card is $4.95 plus $.50 every time the debt card is used.
2.    Make sure your Arbiter account is linked with your Refpay account.  The following video shows you how to do this:
3.    Voucher – You will no longer have a hard copy voucher for entering your events.  (This only applies to ArbiterPay events)  All you information should be entered in the notes on the event.  This is where the notes are:
Please leave a note in Arbiter as to who drove and the exact mileage.  Arbiter lists mileage zip code to zip code, not door to door, so it may not be accurate.  Please list any information about fees in the notes (the same thing you would put on the sheet).  Be sure to check the boxes that allow the Bill-Tos and the Officials to see the note.  If the Bill-To box is not checked, I won’t see the note.
It is good to get in the habit of looking at the notes for events.  This is where I put useful information like weigh-in times, specific parking instructions, etc.
Again I am available to answer any questions regarding setting this up.  There will be a learning curve for Rick and I as well, so please be patient and we will do everything in our power to make sure you get paid in a timely manner.
See additional attachments:

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