Logging into Arbiter

We have a long and storied history of relying on the Arbiter for accepting assignments, communicating with schools and assignors, and now – increasingly – getting paid.

This is a simple tutorial that involves logging onto The Arbiter from your PC.

First, we want to visit The Arbiter’s website and log in. You can get there from arbitersports.com or by clicking the image below, to go straight there. You may want to bookmark it (as I have).

Once we’re here, we can enter our email address and password. If you don’t have one, be sure to reach out to your Assignor.

After logging in, you might find yourself with a few choices. If you’ve been officiating in other organizations or doing college work, you will have to specifically choose ‘Section 4 Wrestling Officials Assn. – East (or West)’ by clicking on the silhouette icon on the right, pictured here with my mouse over it:

In the ‘Schedule’ section, you will be able to Accept or Decline assignments. Be sure to do this in a timely manner to help the Assignors do their jobs! 

As well, be sure to become familiar with the ‘Blocks’ section. I will make a tutorial on dealing with Blocks, as they are confusing. Modifying Blocks makes you feel a bit ham-handed and can quickly land you with no real assignments.

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