2018-2019 Wrestling Fees

The fees for the 2018-2019 Wrestling season for officials are as follows:

  • Varsity Dual Meet: $96.50 up to 15 bouts
  • JV Dual Meet: $65.50 up to 15 bouts
  • Modified Meet: $38.50 up to 15 bouts
  • Varsity Single Bout: $6.15 per bout
  • JV Single Bout: $4.50 per bout
  • Modified Single Bout: $3.50 per bout
  • Mileage: $0.445 (44.5 cents) per mile by Google Maps or Mapquest to your home address (not wherever you came from)
  • Tournaments: Take the total number of bouts, and divide by 15 [the # of NYS weight classes]. Figure out how many Dual Meets + Single Bouts make up that number for your total.

If you do 15 or less bouts in the evening for a dual meet, you only charge the standard dual meet fee. This could be three bouts or 15.

Any extra bouts done after the dual meet begins are considered Varsity Single Bouts ($6.15 each). If those extra bouts were done before the dual meet, they are a JV Single Bout fee ($4.50) instead. If you do 8 or more extra bouts, charge a full Dual Meet fee (example – 8 JV Single Bouts up to 15 is $65.50).

For Tournaments – As per the contract we have with the section, here is the language from our contract:

Wrestling Fees for Tournaments:

a. Total number of matches wrestled (include forfeits, etc.)
b. Divide by the number of NYSPHSAA weight classes**
          **When dividing, if the remainder is greater than or equal to half the number of NYSPHSAA weight classes, the number of dual meets will be rounded up.
c. Multiply by dual meet fee.

d. Divide by number of officials.

For an example, take the total number of bouts and divide by 15 (the current NYS weight class #) and also record the ‘remainder’ (ex: a 154 bout Varsity Tournament would be 10 Dual Meets and 4 remaining). Then multiply the Varsity (or JV) Dual meet fee by the number of Dual Meets, and add one extra dual meet if [the remainder] is 8 or more extra bouts, and discard if there are 7 or less. So the example 154 bout tournament would be $965 (10 dual meets) + $0 (4 Varsity Bouts = 0 dual meets), divided by the number of officials. If there were 5 officials, this is $965 divided by 5, which is $193.00 for each official. Mileage depends on the location.

For Modified Meets – Use the following calculation:

  1. Add up the number of bouts
  2. Divide by 15 – this is the number of ‘Meet’ fees you charge
  3. Whatever the remainder is, multiply by 3.50, and add to #2

For example, for 35 Modified Bouts, you charge $38.50 + $38.50$3.50×5 = $77

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