Logging into Arbiter

We have a long and storied history of relying on the Arbiter for accepting assignments, communicating with schools and assignors, and now - increasingly - getting paid.This is a simple tutorial that involves logging onto The Arbiter from your PC. First, we want to visit The Arbiter's website and log in. You can get there from arbitersports.com or by clicking the image below, to go straight there. You may want to bookmark it (as I have). Once we're here, we can enter our email address and password. If you don't have one, be sure to reach out…

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SFWOA Scholarship Application

Each year, the Section Four Wrestling Officials Association awards a scholarship to at least two senior student-athletes who exemplify positive academic and extra-curricular performance and achievement. Any wrestler applying must meet the qualifications listed on the application, and submit by January 15th. Click the link to access the printable application. Click the link below to access the Application!

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Karl Krause on the Cover of USA Wrestling

The referee is Karl Krause, the year is 1994. The event is JC VS ME. Rick Stankovich (JC) defeats Dave Denton (ME) 8-2 at ME HS.   Karl Krause is our only referee to make the cover of USA Wrestling. He has been a member of SFWOA since 1988. Click on the picture for a full-sized, downloadable version of the cover.

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