2019-20 Wrestling Officials Officials NFHS Exam

The 2019-20 NFHS Wrestling Exam is available online from October 15th (from midnight on) through November 30th (ending at midnight), 2019. Head over to the NFHS Exams Website to take your exam. For Section Four Wrestling Officials, be sure to use the code NY4WOA for “Local Affiliation”.

Last year’s login may work – but it’s possible that you will have to go through the registration process again if last year’s email/password don’t get you logged in. For the official NFHS instructions for taking the exam, Karl Krause has forwarded us a nice guide (in PDF format) to get you through the process. Both links are listed below for those two things. Below the links, I have modified the Exam Instructions to include some of the special steps that we need to fill in when signing up. So scroll down a bit further to the instructions. If they are hard to read, go ahead and use the Official Instructions instead.

Click here to log in the NFHS Exam Site

This link will take you to the NFHS Exam Website, and you should be able to log in with last year's email address and password (or you may need to reset your password. If you don't have an account, sign yourself up.
Be sure to use this code for Local Affiliation NY4WOA.

Click for the Official Exam Instructions

The NFHS graciously provides a nice instruction set, which is useful for the often complicated process at hand. This is a PDF version that is downloadable, printable, and viewable on a smartphone. Please share the link to this page or to the PDF. Local Affiliation is NY4WOA

Below here is a set of screenshots from the Exam Instructions. Again, if these are too hard to read (or if you want to print them), click on the Official Exam Instructions above instead, but don’t forget to use NY4WOA for Local Affiliation!

NFHS Exam Instructions 1
NFHS Exam Instructions 2
NFHS Exam Instructions 3
NFHS Exam Instructions 4
NFHS Exam Instructions 5
NFHS Exam Instructions 7

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