2018-2019 Wrestling Fees

The fees for the 2018-2019 Wrestling season for officials are as follows: Varsity Dual Meet: $96.50 up to 15 bouts JV Dual Meet: $65.50 up to 15 bouts Modified Meet: $38.50 up to 15 bouts Varsity Single Bout: $6.15 per bout JV Single Bout: $4.50 per bout Modified Single Bout: $3.50 per bout Mileage: $0.445 (44.5 cents) per mile by Google Maps or Mapquest to your home address (not wherever you came from) Tournaments: Take the total number of bouts, and divide by 15 [the # of NYS weight classes]. Figure out how many Dual Meets + Single Bouts make…

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